Final Project Report

  1. Game Name: Where Is She?

Members: Kevin Dimas

Michael Berlian

Marcell Alvianto

  1. Screenshots



  1. How to Play

The game consists of three stages, an ice stage, a grass stage, and a dirt stage. In all of the stages, the player is required to complete a maze with a twist. The player has to find a secret object in order to unlock the exit, and only with that can the player proceed to the next stage.

  1. Player Controls
  • Arrow keys: Control the movement of the player.
  • Shift keys: Increase movement speed when pressed.
  • Mouse buttons: Select options in the menu screen.
  • Esc button: To go back from the secondary menu (how to play and about)


  1. Contribution

I was responsible with creating the game design and also the game logic. Here i am creating the one the level and the main menu. I also create most of the game logic in the game. I am in charge to create how the game will run and react over events. I also worked the game to connect through each layout.


  1. Things we made ourselves
  • Dialogue
  • Storyline
  • Buttons
  • Dialogue boxes
  • Character movement
  1. Sources

Game Project(Google drive) :


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